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How The Kardashians Fly: Luxury 747 Private Jets With Full Beds!

For most travelers, luxury travel is limited to some of the world’s best business and first class products. However, for celebrities and those with larger pocketbooks, the world of luxury private jet travel opens up. One such example is that of the Kardashians whose private jet flights are quite luxurious and include full beds.

Kardashian private jet
For the Kardashians, private jet travel is a whole new luxury experience with full beds. Photo: Kim Kardashian Instagram and Ashley Graham via Wikimedia Commons

Kardashians’ private jet flights

The Kardashians are well known for living a glamorous lifestyle and showing that off to the public. The same is true when it comes to his private jet travel. Recently, the star and her children returned from a trip to Armenia where they explored their familial heritage according to this report.

Kim and Kanyes 747
The private Boeing 747 the Kardashians fly on. Photo: Kim Kardashian via Instagram

A look at the plane

The Kardashian’s private Boeing 747 is a large plane and, as such, there is plenty of square footage to go around. The luxury aircraft comes equipped with a full-size bed, en suite bathrooms, and lounge areas.

Kimye 747 bedroom
A full bed onboard the Kardashian’s private jet. Photo: Kim Kardashian via Instagram

Not to mention, those who fly a private jet tend to have a little more say in the food and beverages offered. Many frequent fliers would likely wish for the ability to sway food options onboard away from strange-looking sandwiches.

Kimye 747 snacks
The food and beverage selection was likely one that pleased the Kardashians. Photo: Kim Kardashian via Instagram

Moreover, celebrities tend to prefer private jet travel. This is because flying commercially can be a struggle when everyone recognizes you. Private jet flights offer more privacy and greater convenience in terms of choosing a route plan and schedule that best fits the person’s travel needs. However, the Kardashians are not the only ones to fly private jets. The famous rapper Drake also has his own private jet– a twin-engine Boeing 767. It is similarly glammed up and even painted in a special livery: